Welcoming Recreation for All

Wild Womxn of the Year Award

2020 Wild Womxn



April Katz, the recipient of the 2020 Wild Womxn of the Year, is a powerhouse of positivity! As a mother, wife, adventurer and someone who struggles with her own learning disabilities she uses her life to model positivity in our world. Not only does she step outside of her own comfort zone by trying new sports, such as Cyclocross or Bikepacking, but she also does it in her professional life too by starting a non-profit, Adaptive Life Coaches and the AIROW Project.


April is a barrier slayer. She is literally breaking barriers wherever she finds one. And she doesn't just do this for herself, she does this for everyone! Adaptive Life Coaches brings kiddos with learning and physical disabilities out hiking, cycling and so much more! She pushes them to thrive! Her passion and understanding of those individuals who are less welcome in the outdoor arena is a testament to her desire to create a more inclusive and welcoming world. We are honored to have a Wild Womxn like April as a NW Community Member.

Wild Womxn Week 2019

Thank you to all organizations and individuals who helped us celebrate International Women's Day with Wild Womxn Week. 


Over 200 womxn participated in outdoor activities during Wild Womxn Week, many trying a new sport for the first time!

Wild Womxn Week 2021

Save the dates for 2021 and help us take over the outdoors the week of February 28 - March 8. Spend the day hiking, biking, running, kayaking or whatever gets you pumped and feeling empowered. 


Then, take an evening to transform from a day of mud, dirt and sweat into your inner diva by celebrating with us in the Boundary Bay Mountain Room on Monday, March 8th from 6 - 10pm. Ballgowns, fancy pantsuits, old prom dresses and the like are all welcome attire for this indulgent evening--whatever makes you feel beautiful!

Silent Auction, drinks, and dancing music will fill the evening so that you and your best gal pals can celebrate what it means to be a womxn to you.

Money raised from the evening will go towards supporting programs put on by Shifting Gears, a local non profit creating welcoming recreation experiences that encourage confidence, wellness, growth and joy.

Wild Womxn of the Year Award



Do you know a Wild Womxn who has overcome barriers and inspired others this past year with their outstanding spirit and drive to thrive? Whether it be biking 300 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway or completing a 4 mile hike for the first time--we would like to celebrate them!


Our Wild Womxn of the Year Award focuses on celebrating the accomplishments of the womxn who redefines what it means to be a womxn outside. No success is too small and no adventure is too big. Define your Own Wild and celebrate those who are inspirational to you! The award will be presented during the International Women's Day: Dirt to Indulgence Afterparty at Boundary Bay Brewery.