Welcoming Recreation for All

Craving a more epic adventure that takes you out of Bellingham to explore for more than just 1 night?  Consider our 2-3 Day Retreats! These trips are specially designed for folks with a little experience who want to push the boundary. 

Womxn's Bike Packing Adventures

Bike packing 1.0 (with Kona & Pack Northwest)

June 8-9

Shifting Gears, The Kona Bike Shop and Pack Northwest have joined forces for a second year running to offer a FREE and semi-supported overnight mountain bike trip to Larrabee State Park. This is an amazing opportunity for the bikepacking-curious to see what all this adventure riding fuss is about!

However, there is a catch........attendees to the April Bike Packing Panel receive first dips on registering for one of the 10 spots. 

Don't loose hope! Follow Shifting Gears on Facebook and keep your eye out, as this trip may open up if all the spots are not filled. Also look out for


Bike packing 2.0

August 24 - 25

Womxn's Overnight Camping Adventures