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Shifting Gears Overnight

"The Kona, Pack NW and Shifting Gears bike packing trip was definitely one for the books. It was full of challenges, adventure, laughter, and stories that will stay with me forever. I was really nervous at first because I had just started mountain biking a few months prior. The morning of, we all met up at Kona bright and early. Everyone seemed a bit nervous but from the get go the leaders kept everyone in positive moods and keep the good high energies going the entire day. They made everyone, from beginner to expert, feel included. We road as a pack at times to keep the group cohesion and other times were given choices to ride more experienced trails or continue on the more relaxed trails. I have a hard time putting that trip into words because I've never experienced something that made an entire weekend so exhilarating, irreplaceable and seriously fun all at once. The entire time I had a smile on my face and even when everyone was tired after a 25 mile ride, everyone was celebrating and continuing the fun and laughter. I will never forget how much fun I had on that weekend adventure."

Photo Credit: Paul Kelly

-Alex Baldwin

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