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#ShiftWithSocialDistance: A Campaign for Shifting Mindsets

Barriers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be mental, emotional or physical.

Sometimes, they can even come in the form of a pandemic.

For our organization, the idea of having to press "pause" on all of the exciting programs, trips and fundraisers we've been planning for the last few months is heartbreaking. But, due to the current COVID-19 situation, mandates from our governor and a concern for the health of our community we love so dearly, the Shifting Gears Board has decided to do exactly that.

For now, all Shifting Gears operations, events and programs for May (through possibly June) will be postponed. While this was not an easy decision, our Board determined that this would be the best plan of action so that we may take care of our community and ourselves, as well as take some time to reassess this year's vision. Our hope is that this break will allow our organization to come back even stronger and ready to take on summer activities with all of our participants, both experienced and new. HOWEVER - we are NOT going quiet during this time!

Cue #ShiftWithSocialDistance: A Campaign for ”Shifting Mindsets”: We’ve noticed that our world has become more & more familiarized with the idea of “social distancing” - something wonderful, but also an idea that, to us, seems a bit backwards. To us, we are more in a stage of “physical distance”. With mandates to stand 6 feet apart and stay home, many are connecting more socially (and on a deeper level) through phone calls, video chats, and in-person conversations than ever before. As an organization, we’d like to take these next few weeks to shift any negativity associated with “social distancing” and instead, celebrate the things that it is actually helping us regain. Better connections to the earth? More communication with friends & family? A deeper understanding of others around us? We encourage each of you to dig deep and find the courage you have that pushed you to step out of your comfort zone when joining us on a hike, bike ride, or to try anything new in your life. Choose to find time to reflect on what opportunities for improvement and growth this time brings us, and how we will move forward with these new thoughts after all of this. This time is almost like a new beginning - one to connect more deeply with the world and people around you socially, and to take on life with a new mindset. And, because one of our biggest barriers today is figuring out how to safely get outside, we want to see how you are overcoming it! Shifting your mindset can mean a number of things. It can be taking more solo walks at a nearby park, starting a new workout routine with a housemate or reconnecting with friends from your past over the phone or social media. The best part about Shifting with Social Distance is that you get to choose how you are doing it and what barriers you personally want to break down to improve and grow. Let’s start this new campaign together. We are asking you all - How are you going to break down current barriers to stay active and shift your mindset with us during this time? HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? Tag us in your posts and photos about Shifting Mindsets! Use the hashtag #ShiftWithSocialDistance. Over the next few weeks, we plan to feature and uplift our participants through this campaign in order to continue learning from the amazing people that have powered Shifting Gears thus far. Come one, come all, and #ShiftWithSocialDistance with us! Love, Shifting Gears ❤️⛰️🌱

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