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Seminars for All

Womxn in the Outdoors

October 16

6PM - 9PM

@Hillcrest Church


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Join us for an evening discussing Womxn in the Outdoors!


Acclaimed expert on women, diversity, and outdoor recreation Dr. Nina Roberts of San Francisco State University will present and lead a dialogue on issues, experiences, and opportunities for womxn in outdoor recreation. (Read Dr' Nina Robert's 1 page bio here.)

The goals of this event are to:

  1. Raise awareness on issues, experiences, challenges, and opportunities related to womxn in outdoor recreation

  2. Identify critical areas for change and formulate effective strategies

  3. Develop relationships (alliances, partnerships, coalitions) that enhance outdoor recreation opportunities for womxn

  4. Build community through outdoor recreation

Representatives of local outdoor recreation organizations and businesses will be present for questions and discussion.


Brought to you in partnership between Shifting Gears, Western's Department of Health & Human Development & Western's Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

Injury Prevention Workshop

October 24th 

7PM - 8:30PM

@ Bellingham Training & Tennis Club


Injury prevention.jpg

Keep your body healthy and supple! Join us for an informative talk and workshop of stretches, postures and positioning on a bike that will keep you active and injury free for years to come.

Led by Cherrelyn Seegers, an award-winning Chiropractor with Back In Motion Chiropractic and Massage Center ~ Bellingham and Robin Robinson, owner and creator of Healthy Knees Cycling at Bellingham Training & Tennis Club, you will walk away with not only pointers to help you on your bike, but also what you can do off your bike to keep on riding.

Let us know you are going to join us by clicking 'going' on the Facebook Event.

We will be meeting in 'The Zone' at Bellingham Training and Tennis Club.



Let's Talk about Fear in the Outdoors

November 7th

6PM - 8PM

@ Cafe Velo



Fear can be paralyzing. Yet, fear can also be exhilarating. Fear can help you hyper-focus and can even be the catalyst for superhuman efforts. It's one of the most normal aspects of adventure, and yet also one of the biggest barriers we never talk about.


This contradictory emotion is so complex, and every single one of us experiences it. How often do we see fear as a weakness rather than an asset?


So,let's talk about how we can use fear to our advantage, and how to embrace it as a tool that serves us rather than holds us back.


In this seminar, we will watch a short film to help us get the discussion started. Afterward, we'll discuss how fear can be seen and used as a tool to keep us safe and in check. This open discussion will invite guests to share their personal experiences, insights, tools and questions.



Seminars in 2020

Various Days

Various Times

Various Venues


We are always looking for ways to build community, find inspiration and remind the world that adventuring in the outdoors looks different to all of us. It doesn't mean that we are less brave or less adventurous. It means that we are unique, couragous and love being outside with like-minded friends in a judgement free space. 


If you have an idea for a seminar or presentation, or you would like to be involved in one of our seminars in 2020 - please do reach out. We love to hear from you. 

Please always remember, Shifting Gears invites dialogue that is critical, inclusive, and respectful. Because different views, voices, backgrounds, and experiences are welcomed, successful dialogue requires grace, empathy, and appreciation, ideally allowing everyone to achieve a better understanding.


  • Bikepacking Panel: connect with womxn who will share their tips adventuring in this fringe sport

  • Womxn on Trails: find inspiration from womxn who have explored a trail, whether water, dirt or sky...

  • Womxn Traveling Solo: find inspiration from womxn who embrace travelling solo

Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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