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Volunteer Needed ~ Social Media Intern


Social Media Intern

Job Summary: We are launching new programs this year, and we need your help to market them! 

By volunteering with our team, you'll be joining a group of passionate, inspirational, and inclusive women in the outdoor industry. 


  • Develop a culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach strategy including promotional materials and information.​

  • Bi-monthly check-in with members of the board regarding Social Media content/planning

  • Ability to work autonomously with content planning while remaining flexible and open to content requests from members of the board


  • Excitement to work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive recreation community

  • Willingness to learn about and embody the Shifting Gears branding and values 

  • Experience with or desire to gain organizational and marketing skills

  • Experience with or desire to gain communication, interpersonal and presentation skills

  • Familiarity with the Bellingham community 

  • Familiarity with posting on social media platforms on a regular basis, including Instagram and Facebook

At Shifting Gears, all employees, board members and volunteers are expected to share and embody our values in the work that we do:

  • Everyone has the right to the outdoors and to be included in the outdoors.

  • Recreation improves quality of life, and every human deserves access to that resource.

  • Everyone deserves the gentle, helping hand in overcoming barriers in order to access recreation, improve their quality of life and experience joy.

  • Everyone deserves to feel emotionally safe to recreate how they choose.

  • Everyone should get to experience the joys and far-reaching effects that outdoor recreation has on our quality of life.

  • There is no wrong way to recreate in the outdoors.

  • Bravery is not defined by the fearless.

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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