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Wild Women Week Activities

Once again, Shifting Gears will be hosting a Wild Women Week leading up to International
Women's Day (March 1st - 8th).


Our aim is to offer a diverse calendar of women focused recreation
experiences all week that are inclusive, affordable and promote equity and diversity. We are looking for activities that help us connect and make space for
women in the outdoors. This can look like an outdoor activity, indoor class, or even a
workshop/seminar. Activities can take place outside (in Whatcom County) or as an online virtual experience.


It's easy to participate! Just click the button below, and you'll be asked to fill out a form telling us more about your proposed activity. 


Your participation is free! We just ask that you:


  • Read our Agency Agreement and agree to host inclusive events that follow COVID-2019 safety protocols.

  • Provide us with a link of your own that provides more event details (this can be a link to your website, a registration page, and/or a Facebook event). This will enable us to help market your event and provide information to those wanting to participate.

  • Help with marketing!


By hosting a Wild Women Week activity, we ask you to read and agree to the following:

We at Shifting Gears are very excited to adapt our Annual Wild Women Week activities for 2022 to provide COVID safe recreation opportunities for our community. Last year, we had over 200 women participate in our activities, and we hope that with the addition of virtual and outdoor ‘events’ even more people will be able to participate and celebrate safely.


We want to take a moment to thank you for joining us to create these opportunities that not only help get folks outside during such a tumultuous time, but also foster safety, inclusivity, community connections and celebration. We ask that each community partner read through our values and our COVID safety protocols, and agree to follow reflect these values as we plan activities together.

At Shifting Gears, we believe that:

●   The outdoors has to be accessible to all. It’s a right, not a privilege.

●   Recreation improves quality of life, and every human deserves access to that resource.

●   Everyone deserves a gentle, helping hand in overcoming barriers in order to access recreation, improve their quality of life and experience the joy of being outside.

●   Everyone deserves to be included in the outdoors.

●   There is no wrong way to recreate in the outdoors.

●   Bravery is not defined by the fearless.


●   In the importance of breaking down barriers for women+ that may preclude them from having access to the outdoors because we believe that recreating outdoors is immensely beneficial to an enriching life.


●   Creating community through outdoor recreation and nature contributes to a flourishing life and healthier communities.


●   Everyone deserves to feel emotionally safe to recreate how they choose.


Who are we celebrating during Wild Women Week?

At Shifting Gears we hope the week can be an opportunity to celebrate the wide spectrum of genders that exist outside of the cisnormative gender binary. While the celebration was inspired by International Women’s Day, gender identity goes way beyond sex assigned at birth. Our community is made up of a beautiful diversity of genders, and during Wild Women Week, we want to get wild and dirty with YOU. 

Current Whatcom County and Washington State COVID-2019 Regulations:

As we work towards planning activities for Wild Women Week, Shifting Gears will abide by all federal, state, county and city regulations. Due to the ever-evolving nature of this pandemic, we understand that these regulations may change at any point before and/or during the scheduled week of activities. Due to this possibility, we reserve the right to amend and/or cancel any activities that do not follow these guidelines.

Please refer to the Washington State Outdoor Recreation requirements when planning your activities.

If you need any assistance in navigating these protocols, in brainstorming creative ways to provide safe activities or have any concerns or questions, we invite you to reach out to us at any time! Our agency is dedicated to providing the best quality programming for all, and we are here to help. Any questions that are not easily answered will be sent to our local health department for guidance.

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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