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Grace, 2019 Participant

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Bikepacking is one of those things I had always been curious about, but had no idea how to make it happen. I don't have that many friends that ride bikes, and getting into the scene can be a little daunting. This bikepacking trip provided me with support, guidance, encouragement, new skills and knowledge about bikes, so many giggles, and a hell of a good time. It was the perfect distance; it was far and pushed me to my limits, but it also was something I knew I was capable of. Having that kind of support from other womxn in the outdoor industry just makes my heart shine. We need more of that. Thank you Shifting Gears, Kona and Pack NW for the trip of a lifetime!

Deb, 2019 Participant

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I was excited, but nervous about doing this trip. I had just started mountain biking and wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with the group. I also didn’t know if the route would be too technically difficult for me. Fortunately, all my worrying was unnecessary. A lot of us had the exact same worries and everyone was really supportive! Yes, it was difficult at times, but we cheered each other on and no one was laughed at when they got off and walked. Definitely, the highlight for me was reaching the top of the Galbraith trails while my companions cheered me on!

Plus, everything was so well organized! Nadine greeted us at our campsight with an amazing array of snacks, then prepared an excellent dinner. The evening was spent getting to know each other while hanging around the campfire and eating s’mores. The next day consisted of a great breakfast, followed by an easy ride back with all of my new friends. What a fantastic trip!

Sadie, 2018 Participant

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I think I experience quite a bit of anxiety trying new things and so doing that independently is something that definitely stops me- if i am the only one that is going to try it. So something that Shifting Gears has provided is an opportunity to bring people together, multiple people together who have never done something so you’re all vulnerable together and learning together, and so that has been really helpful.

Some other barriers I think just the image of people who do outdoor stuff I maybe don't fit that image as much so I am thoughtful about do I belong doing this sport or activity kind of thing and is my body strong enough to do this activity or something and so that is definitely a barrier that i have come across and I just have learned over time that anybody can do anything it just does it at different paces and different ways and just being patient with yourself.

international women's day ride 2020 by M

Amazing!!! I learned, I was challenged, I was empowered! I found a new hobby, and had a fantastically wild time exloring, bonding, laughing and adventuring.


I loved this trip. I felt comfortable while also pushing my boundaries. I felt very well supported.

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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