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 2019: Elma 

 2020: April 

 2021: Kelcey 

Who will receive 2023's Flower Crown?


Do you know a Wild Woman who has overcome barriers and inspired others this past year with their outstanding spirit and drive to thrive? Whether it be biking 300 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway or completing a 4 mile hike for the first time, we would like to celebrate them!


Our Wild Woman of the Year Award focuses on celebrating the accomplishments of all women and redefines what it means to be a woman outside. No success is too small and no adventure is too big. Define your Own Wild and celebrate those who are inspirational to you! 

Submission deadline is March 1st - click the button below to nominate the next Wild Woman+!


Meet Kelcey Bates: 
2021 Wild Woman of the Year

This woman is a life force! Kelcey started the Bellingham Open Water Swimming group in Bellingham. During COVID, this group has grown exponentially as people are craving connection and fitness during the pandemic. Kelcey, in her fun swimsuits and joyful spirit welcomes Everyone. She is getting so many people to take a dip in the Bay and get WAY out of their comfort zones.

What we love about Kelcey is that she absolutely loves the water. She isn't looking for competition but wants to share the water and its magical qualities with those who join her. She is after community and connection and this is what we all so desperately need. Kelcey is so deserving of this award. She is WILD, she is playful and she lives life fully!

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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