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Wild Womxn of Whatcom county and beyond, 


We challenge you to a virtual scavenger hunt!  We’ve made a list of items, some of which might be found around your homes and others of which will require a just a teensy bit adventure to locate.  Spend the week on the lookout for these outdoor themed treasures and take a snapshot of each one you find.  


Once you’ve checked all of the items off of the list, make a collage of the photos documenting your finds using an app like Pic Collage then share it on this Facebook page.  The first individual or group to complete the challenge by submitting a photo collage of all of the items will win a prize!  (if you don’t know how to make a collage then no worries, you can also just post the photos :)).


This can be done solo or with a small group of two or three (just remember to follow local guidelines for social distancing)


Now let's get wild and have some fun!!!!  On your mark, get set, GO!!!!

Scavenger hunt items:


  1. A sunrise or a sunset 

  2. A trail that you’ve never walked, hiked, or biked before

  3. The number one thing that you always make sure pack when heading out to enjoy the great outdoors

  4. The coolest looking bike you can find  

  5. Some local wildlife (photos from a safe and respectful distance please!) 

  6. Something that reminds you of a memory from your favorite outdoor adventure

  7. Your favorite snack that you use to fuel your adventures

  8. A really really really tall tree

  9. A  body of water to walk around, sit by, swim in, or paddle around that you haven’t visited previously

  10. Something that symbolizes your favorite thing about being a womxn in the outdoors

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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