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Check out this list for some suggested activities to celebrate YOU this week!

  • Find your best adventure pal and take a safely distanced/masked up walk on your favorite route (we highly suggest Lake Padden or the 100 Acre Woods)

  • Go snowshoeing or skiing on Mt. Baker.  

  • Double your usual running/walking/strolling/wheeling/riding route OR complete your regular route differently than you usually would (e.g. walk vs run, drive vs ride) and see if you notice something different 

  • Go for a bike ride around Lake Samish and down into Skagit.  Take a detour and visit the Farm to Market bakery for a coffee and a cinnamon roll to power your ride. 

  • Go on a fully self powered adventure.  Use only transportation that is directly powered by you (walking, running, rollerskating, cycling, etc…) to explore the surrounding area. 

  • Bike/Walk Local to Local! (Bike or walk between your two favorite small businesses to support - e.g. Cafe Velo for a coffee to Black Sheep for tacos)

  • Visit your favorite local nursery and plant a new garden item than what you usually dol. BONUS: do this with a friend (virtually) and see how each of your new garden item grows differently/similarly

  • Do your favorite yoga routine at an outdoor park located near your home (those new to yoga can do some simple beginner stretches!)

  • Phone/zoom a friend and have them walk you through a 30 minute outdoor workout of their choosing

  • Invite a friend or two to join you for a safely-distanced picnic outdoors. Spend the picnic talking about the wildest things you’ve ever done, and what other wild activities you want to tackle

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Welcoming Recreation for All Women

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